DW Home Maintenance now provides a smoke alarm installation and testing service that provides legislated certification to landlords

and real estates at an affordable cost.

DW Home Maintenance only uses Quell Photoelectric smoke alarms. The Quell Photoelectric smoke alarm features a hush

button to allow you to silence false alarms. Sensitivity to detecting slow smouldering fires, this alarm also features a loud 85 decibel

horn, LED operation indicator and a low battery warning alert. The units are guaranteed for 10 years saving you money.


  • Photoelectric smoke alarms are sensitive to slow smouldering fires which produce larger particles of smoke such as burning foam, rubber, cigarette smoke and synthetic materials.
  • Hush button to silence nuisance alarms.
  • Test button.
  • Low battery warning alert.
  • LED operation indicator to alert battery is connected.
  • Duracell 9 volt battery is included.
  • Loud 85 decibel alarm.
  • Australian Standard AS3786 certified.
  • Recommended for use in bedrooms, hallway, lounge rooms and corridors that lead to exits.

 Our Smoke Alarm Service includes:

  • Service and maintain all smoke alarms including battery replacement annually or within 30 days of the tenancy renewal as required by the act.
  • Asset tagging all smoke alarms by recording serial numbers against service records.
  • Ensure compliance with the Queensland Fire and Rescue Act 1990.
  • Ensure compliance with the Residential Tenancies Authority.
  • Use only AS3786 compliant photoelectric smoke alarms.
  • Issuing of a compliance certificate to the agent/landlord.
  • Provide a sticker in each home as a quick glance guide as to the service or battery interval compliance to assist the tenant(s) and agent/landlord.

 DW Home Maintenance prides itself on accuracy, efficiency and faultless service and will assist and compliment you and your business by providing a service second to none.

DW Home Maintenance prices are compatible with the best and we will not compromise on price by providing a lesser quality unit than listed above to be competitive.

DW Home Maintenance is able to negotiate a low fixed price on a commercial quantity of smoke alarm services required at a price that is affordable and fair.

 DW Home Maintenance can also provide:

  • Fire Blankets
  • Fire Extinguishers