Commercial Clients

 DW Home Maintenance is an established residential and commercial maintenance company that is fully insured.

 DW Home Maintenance only uses licensed trades when required and will not cut corners to ensure compliance, safety and a standard we have  become renown for.

 DW Home Maintenance currently is working with several real estate agencies with a portfolio of over 2,300 properties consistently providing a  standard far exceeding our competitors at a price that is fair and affordable.

 DW Home Maintenance prides itself on providing a range of services and a quality of workmanship that simply means we do the job once.

 DW Home Maintenance provides a number of unique accredited or certified services that our competitors cannot offer.

 DW Home Maintenance understands the requirement of a letting agent and will always work with clients to achieve the best value for money  outcome without compromising on quality.

 DW Home Maintenance is a family owned company and as such I, Dahrin Wirtz, will always be your contact
 and the person who is responsible for any and all work contracted or undertaken by us.

That is my promise to you as the owner and manager of DW Home Maintenance

Dahrin Wirtz